Wichtiger Hinweis zum Fliegen in Dänemark :

Dear EHPU members,

Over the past couple of years paragliding tourism in Denmark has increased exponentially , and we
are very happy to see that our European friends are finding our small country worth visiting, and
we are generally welcoming to all pilots.
But as you probably have experienced yourself, increased interest for flying in a country comes
with challenges, which need to be dealt with in due time in order to mitigate conflicts of interest
that arise, when different groups occupy the same space. .

In Denmark we have several challenges concerning visiting pilots, in particular visiting pilots and
paragliding schools not following our national rules and regulations. We are very much aware of
that it is only a small few that cause problems for the many, however the Danish Hang gliding and
Paragliding Association (DHPU) is obliged to react to situations which can result in negative
consequences for our members.

Because of this, I will kindly ask you to inform your pilots to comply with national rules and
regulations and to exhibit good airmanship and respect private property. One of our most valued
flying sights in Jutland has already become a no-fly zone, due to poor airmanship exhibited by
visiting paragliding schools, resulting in the displacement of grazing cattle. DHPU is familiar with
which schools that are causing the biggest challenges, and we will evaluate on how to proceed to
resolve these in a way which benefits all pilots flying in Denmark.

Another challenge that we need to look at is that Danish legislation does not permit schooling
activities without at Danish instructors license issued by the DHPU, this is yet. We hope that in the
near future can come up with a pragmatic solution to this, so visiting schools can legally engage in
schooling activities within Danish airspace. If we are not able to mitigate the arising problems
resulting from visiting pilots, we may be forced to incur mandatory registration for foreign pilots,
this is not something the DHPU are directly interested in, as we wish to keep it all as simple as
possible for all, and put emphasis on the “free” in free-flying.

Visiting pilots are always welcome to contact our office if they are in doubt how to be compliant
with our rules and regulations, and they can also visit our homepage to find all relevant
information. ( https://dhpu.dk/for-visiting-pilots/ )
Michael Olesen

Dansk Hanggliding og Paragliding Union – Brøndby Stadion 20 – DK-2605 Brøndby – +45 4326 2596 – www.dhpu.dk